vibes or whatever

i am excited 2 meet my outside examiner she seems cool and apparently one time she was in a coma and kept saying “i am gregor samsa” over and over again

my professor told me that my outside examiner was “sehr beeindruckt”  by my honors project



str8boiz talk so loudly omg shut up

conclusion of my honors project: fridolin is a taurus & his moon is in ares.

this kid was just about to sit at this big table i’m working at and i glanced up at him and he went to another table

* переворачивает волосы *

i got second place in a national russian language essay writing competition and my mom responded with “how can that be?”

Nic,the public need to know, will this summer be the summer of nips?


ev’ry summer and ev’ry winter its the age of the nipple